Lawrence Bet…

My name is Lawrence Bethlenfalvy, I make websites and web-based applications primarily with React. I enjoy seeing the fruit of my labour, which is why I do so much frontend development even though I'm not exactly an artistic genius, as finest demonstrated by this website.

I really like perfectly designed infrastructure, and in an effort to construct it for my own projects I've racked up a considerable amount of DevOps experience.

I studied a lot of advanced mathematical topics in high school, and although I was never a big fan of solving equations for hours on end the approach and some of the concepts stuck with me. I like to draw on mathematical techniques for day-to-day problem solving, but I also view it as a hobby.

More recently I've been hard at work on my small conceptual language, Orchid, which, like anything I do, tries to be unopinionated, minimalistic in design, and robust in execution. Designing a programming language is a constant goat game against the halting problem so realising all these principles at the same time is nigh impossible, and incremental progress is fundamentally incompatible with the optimal, holistic approach to issues like type checking, but when I have something to report I do it here.