Lawrence Bet…




key=Orchid A lazy, pure functional programming language designed to be embeded into Rust applications.


key=Árnyékegyetem (currently offline) A complex SPA for the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) of the same name. This is the homebase of the game, and it serves the role of a blog, wiki and forum.

Buffered Dispatch

key=Buffered Dispatch An in-thread worker pool manager for Typescript


key=Résumé My CV is written in React, so internationalization and other advanced features are a breeze to implement.


key=λf.engine An interactive lambda calculus engine combined with a tutorial. I wrote it to explain lambda calculus to a friend.

This blog

key=This blog This blog is written in React, and all content is managed through clever lazy-loading techniques.

Mockable Timer

key=Mockable Timer An API that wraps, setTimeout and setImmediate for dependency injection, and a carefully crafted mock implementation with an easy to use interface.

React Await

key=React Await A React component for lazy-loading and extracting data fetching logic from the parent component.

React Context Menu

key=React Context Menu A multilevel custom context menu for React. The API relies on React context so that menus can be combined over nested containers

Simple RTR

key=Simple RTR Refresh Token Rotation is a well-defined and widely used security policy, this library provides the universal strategy and leaves it to the user to define API calls.